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Showroom Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 4:00 PM  |  Saturday  7 AM to 12 PM | CLOSED – Sunday
Come by and see our three large showrooms at Maisel Brothers. We offer a wide variety of samples including:
Building and paving brick Natural stone Retaining wall block
Concrete Pavers Water features … and more
Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Harry and Russell Maisel founded Maisel Brothers in 1943, buying what had been the Wagner family block manufacturing plant in Glen Burnie, Maryland. They based their business on the principles of courtesy, quality and service as well as a solid knowledge of the construction and block business. Before entering the business, Harry had served as engineer and executive for several major construction engineering firms.

Seeing from his own experience the advantages of concrete block as a building material and the future of the home “do-it-yourselfer” market, he and brother Russell, bought five acres of land in Glen Burnie and set up shop. Their goal was to set up a “one stop” masonry shopping place for private and commercial home builders.

In 1969, Harry’s sons Gerald, Lawrence and Gary took over the daily workings of the plant. They soon saw the need to modernize and installed computers to oversee the block manufacturing plant and accounting department. In 1975, a fully-equipped masonry supply store was added to the premises. Unique to the area was the store’s attractive brick showroom displaying brick laid in panels in the wall as it would appear in a home, a feature that has been copied by several masonry firms in the area.

As Maisel Brother’s business continues to grow, so will our attention to detail and the needs of our customers. Courtesy, quality and service and a hands-on approach. It’s what we believe in.

Maisel Brothers is a family-owned business that has third generation family working here.  We operate our own truck fleet of dump trucks, boom trucks and tractor trailers for convenient delivery to your jobsites.

We are a full service masonry supply house that caters to the professional masonry contractor of commercial, industrial and residential construction.

We also work with a large group of vendors.Come by and see our three large showrooms of building and paving brick, retaining wall block and concrete pavers,